Vanderbilt University Medical Center Lead Access Specialist in Nashville, Tennessee

Assists supervisor in workload distribution and coordination of staff resources to meet the needs of the department and prioritization of tasks independently. Provides direct, front-line communication with staff regarding quality, productivity and introduces or implements new processes or training. Works with staff to ensure needs are being met, develop and implement process improvement when needed, monitor productivity and accuracy of the registration staff, help communicate new processes or technology roll outs. Performs staff work in aligned group of responsibility when not coordinating team lead activities. For more information regarding the physical requirements and environmental conditions for this job, please click: here at .

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

  1. Core Accountabilities

a. Organizational Impact: Independently performs non-routine tasks that significantly impact team and other related teams.

b. Problem Solving/Complexity of Work: Gathers and analyzes data to solve problems that arise with little or no precedent.

c. Breadth of Knowledge: Applies advanced job knowledge and has developed a breadth of skills in other areas.

d. Team Interaction: Serves as a lead for the team by providing expertise and guidance to team members.

  1. Key Responsibilities

a. Serves as the first escalation point for patient/provider concerns or to provide guidance to ensure accurate execution of customer requests.

b. Helps coordinate and supervise departmental staffing needs to ensure adequate coverage.

c. Monitors daily workload across agents to ensure optimal service levels including message baskets, reschedules, after hours productivity, etc.

d. Generates performance reports, analyzes and interprets data and assists supervisor to adjust staffing needs.

e. Answers calls for multiple areas in efficient and effective manner using standard greetings for opening of call, content of call and closure of call.

f. Ensures accuracy in answering questions and assisting customer with requests to meet their needs.

g. Assists with onboarding and training as needed.

h. The responsibilities listed are a general overview of the position and additional duties may be assigned.

  1. Core Capabilities - Supporting Colleagues

a. Develops Self and Others: Invests time, energy and enthusiasm in developing self/others to help improveperformance and gain knowledge in new areas

b. Builds and Maintains Relationships: Maintains regular contact with key colleagues and stakeholders using formaland informal opportunities to expand and strengthen relationships

c. Communicates Effectively: Recognizes group interactions and modifies one's own communication style to suitdifferent situations and audiences

  1. Core Capabilities - Delivering Excellent Services

a. Serves Others with Compassion: Seeks to understand current and future needs of relevant stakeholders andcustomizes services to better address them

b. Solves Complex Problems: Approaches problems from different angles; Identifies new possibilities to interpretopportunities and develop concrete solutions

c. Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Provides ongoing support and coaching in a constructive manner toincrease employees' effectiveness

  1. Core Capabilities - Ensuring High Quality

a. Performs excellent work: Engages regularly in formal and informal dialogue about quality; directly addresses qualityissues promptly

b. Ensures continuous improvement: Applies various learning experiences by looking beyond symptoms to uncoverunderlying causes of problems and identifies ways to resolve them

c. Fulfills safety and regulatory requirements: Understands all aspects of providing a safe environment andperforms routine safety checks to prevent safety hazards from occurring

  1. Core Capabilities - Managing Resources Effectively

a. Demonstrates Accountability: Demonstrates a sense of ownership, focusing on and driving critical issues to closure

b. Stewards Organizational Resources: Applies understanding of the departmental work to effectively manageresources for a department/area

c. Makes Data Driven Decisions: Demonstrates strong understanding of the information or data to identify andelevate opportunities

  1. Core Capabilities - Fostering Innovation

a. Generates New Ideas: Proactively identifies new ideas/opportunities from multiple sources or methods to improveprocesses beyond conventional approaches

b. Applies Technology: Demonstrates an enthusiasm for learning new technologies, tools, and procedures to addressshort-term challenges

c. Adapts to Change: Views difficult situations and/or problems as opportunities for improvement; actively embraceschange instead of emphasizing negative elements

  1. Technical Capabilities

a. Call Center Telephone Etiquette (Intermediate): Able to handle patient or provider calls and contribute positively to the call center working environment. Demonstrates good manners, decorum and appropriate protocols. Avoids and neutralizes conflicts and handles difficult callers in a positive and professional way.

b. Customer Service (Intermediate): A continuing focus on the needs and requirements of customers, anticipating their needs, remaining sensitive to customers while performing services for them, responsive to customer needs.

c. Patient Scheduling (Intermediate): The ability to coordinate and schedule patient appointments, surgeries and other office visits with various computer systems in the hospital or clinic.

d. Patient Satisfaction (Advanced): Participates in patient satisfaction related process improvement activities as well as providing high quality contact experience for the patient with every call. This position also has direct effect on ease of scheduling appointment and ease of getting clinic on the phone.

Job requires High school graduate or GED and 4 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):

Job Clinical Support

Organization: VMG Patient Access Srv Team 12 303263

Title: Lead Access Specialist

Location: TN-Nashville-Green Hills Office Building

Requisition ID: 1805301